Gomediate’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mike James, is one of only 100 Restorative Justice Council Accredited Practitioners in the whole of the United Kingdom.  Former Restorative Justice lead at Unite Ltd he has experience of working on a broad range of crime-related Restorative Justice cases including serious and complex cases.  Mike has delivered Restorative Justice work in prisons and secure psychiatric hospitals including awareness raising amongst serving prisoners.

Restorative Justice Training

  • Preparing for a Restorative Justice Intervention
  • Understand information required for a Restorative Justice Intervention (RJI).
  • Be able to evaluate benefits and risks associated with an RJI.
  • Be able to identify sensitive and complex issues within a potential RJI.
  • Be able to engage with participants in the RJ process.
  • Managing Direct and Indirect Interaction Between RJ Participants
  • Be able to manage direct communication between Restorative Justice Intervention participants.
  • Be able to manage indirect communication between RJI participants.
  • Be able to manage the conclusion of indirect and direct communication RJIs.
  • Evaluating and Monitoring the Outcomes from a Restorative Intervention.
  • Be able to plan and confirm actions to be taken including a potential Outcome Agreement.
  • Be able to monitor progress of agreed actions.
  • Be able to evaluate the outcomes of the Restorative Justice Intervention (RJI) process.
  • Be able to reflect on own practice.

This two-day training course will give you everything you need to start delivering a restorative service. As well as the in depth training I will also show you what you need to put in place to make your service a success. Training fees are just £895.00 per day (no VAT) for up to 12 learners.

I trained Youth Justice workers in RJ while I was at Unite. I also trained staff at Community in Motion in Edinburgh. Previously I co-delivered RJ training with South Tees YOT to a  mixture of South Tees YOT staff, school teachers and staff at care homes for looked after children. This was Youth Justice Board RJ training and we delivered it three times. It is a three-day course. I have also delivered RJ training to Youth Justice workers at North Yorkshire County Council. My Gomediate RJ course is two days as I have managed to reduce it to two days.