• Restorative Justice Training

It is exactly six months since I became jobless.  The charity (Unite Ltd) that I had worked for since 2005 closed and I and my colleagues were made redundant.  A few of us set up our own businesses; not surprising considering the entrepreneurial culture at Unite. Sometimes it feels like I have been a gentleman of leisure for the past 26 weeks.  I have not delivered payable work for most of those days.  But when I look at my Excel spreadsheet with all the hours I have worked promoting my business I can see that I have worked every single one of those days.  It might be an hour dealing with IT issues.  Or time spent blogging (like this).  Or a whole day spent preparing for a three-days mediation skills training course like the one I delivered in Sunderland last week. 

It’s been a scary ride, and an exhilarating journey, but most of all it has been a liberating adventure.  Not having a manager (though I had a great manager at Unite), working my own hours (mostly), being able to give myself the day off when I want to and most of all knowing that I am doing all of this myself.  These are the things that are making it worthwhile.  When I meet other business owners at networking events or at training events like the excellent Going for Growth three-days residential training course delivered by Enterprise Made Simple I get the impression of people experiencing things in a similar way; a mixture of trepidation and excitement.  And it’s always good to meet them and swap stories (of success or otherwise) and share opportunities.

Basically, I’m very happy not to have a job.  And I love being able to steer my own course.  Even when it’s a bit of a bumpy ride.

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