• Restorative Justice Training

This is something I brought away with me when Unite Mediation closed. I use it in my Dealing with Difficult People training.

What have you done to bring a tricky situation to a successful conclusion?

Defusing strategies

Your own behaviour can help defuse hostile confrontations. The overall aim is to show empathy and to take a practical, constructive, problem-solving approach. Consider your own and others safety. Create a positive environment – stay calm, keep your voice down.

Relax – Step back and take a wider view. Notice what is going on in your body, breathe deeply, loosen areas of tension, change position if you need to.

Respect – Be respectful. Don’t make assumptions about what is going on. Be impartial; don’t place blame.

Reflect – Think before you speak – always take time to respond when something affects you strongly. Watch body language – notice what is happening, and how it is affecting other people in the room. Listen – check what you have heard. Ask open questions.

Respond – Be constructive and assertive. Be aware of the effect of what you do.

Defusing strategies