• Restorative Justice Training

When I set up Gomediate in early 2017 my intention was to deliver mediation, restorative justice and training in both of these areas. I have pretty much achieved this and have managed to secure training work outside of the North East.  A couple of weeks ago I was at Manchester Metropolitan University training student accommodation staff in mediation skills. Next month I will be in London training Youth Offending Team workers.

You could say that everything is going to plan. But I want to do more. I am constantly struck by how poorly people in front line positions deal with conflict. I’m also aware of the poor communication that takes place in some workplaces. And I am regularly reminded just how poor some  organisations’ front of house customer service is. I sometimes feel as though I’m having to manage someone else’s staff. You may well have had similar experiences.

This is why I think there is room for a service to deliver a combination of communication, customer service and conflict management skills training across all three sectors. This is something I want to do in partnership. If you are interested in discussing this just give me a call on 07933 294 292 or mikejames@gomediate.co.uk.

And have a nice weekend.

Spreading my wings