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Introduction to Mediation Skills one-day training workshop

Express your interest now. Gomediate is delivering training via Zoom. We are delivering our highly acclaimed one-day Introduction to Mediation Skills training workshop as two half-day sessions. No one wants to be on screen all day, so we are breaking it up. No part of either session will last for more than 60 minutes without abreak.

The workshop consists of small group exercises, whole group discussions, case studies and a few games. It is challenging, interactive and fun! See some feedback from previous workshops on our Customers page. We will look at different conflict management styles, listening and questioning techniques and how to keep everyone safe. The skills and knowledge learned can be used at work, at home and in the community.

Everyone who completes the workshop will receive a Gomediate certificate showing six hours of CPD.

The workshop objectives are that by the end of the day, you will be able to:

  • Give a definition of mediation
  • List some of the skills & qualities of a mediator
  • Describe the mediation process
  • Help clients identify their interests
  • Advise clients of the benefits of mediation
  • Give and receive co-worker feedback
  • Decide if a conflict situation is mediatable
  • Conduct initial 1-2-1 meetings with clients
  • Prepare for a mediation Joint Meeting
Other training courses

Mediation Skills

Three days
Dealing with Difficult PeopleHalf day
Managing Difficult Conversations  Half day
Negotiation and PersuasionHalf day

Mediation Skills

Gomediate’s unaccredited three days Mediation Skills training course will give you hands-on, practical, real world conflict management skills and knowledge. This course is designed to be non-academic. It is ‘real’. Your trainer has fifteen years’ experience of helping people resolve conflict, be it in the workplace, in the community or within families.

The training feedback quotes above show how much learners have enjoyed this training. It is interactive, well paced and fun! Not just a boring PowerPoint. Here’s what’s covers in the training:

  • What is mediation?
  • What mediators do (and don’t do)
  • Conflict management styles
  • The mediation process
  • The five stages of mediation
  • SMART agreements
  • Issues, positions and interests
  • Win/Win outcomes
  • Keeping everyone safe
  • Co-working and giving/receiving co-worker feedback
  • Addressing power imbalances
  • Giving children & young people a voice
  • Mediatable and non-mediatable issues
  • Getting past ‘No’ – encouraging people to give mediation a try
  • Staying impartial
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Remaining non-judgemental
  • Shuttle mediation

Find out more. Contact me at mikejames@gomediate.co.uk or 07933 294 292

Dealing with Difficult People

We all come across them. They may be customers, clients or service users. They may be colleagues. And they can be a real challenge. This interactive half-day workshop will give you an insight into what makes some people difficult and show you how to deal with them. The workshop includes:

  • Understand and deal effectively with difficult people
  • How are customers difficult?
  • Listening Dos and Don’ts
  • Being assertive with difficult people
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Dealing with angry customers
  • Verbal de-escalation

Find out more. Contact me at mikejames@gomediate.co.uk or 07933 294 292

Managing Difficult Conversations

Gomediate’s half-day course ‘Managing Difficult Conversations’ will give you the skills and the confidence to have those conversations and to make them work to everyone’s advantage. As a result, you will be able to:

  • Identify the causes of conflict
  • Describe your own conflict management style
  • Recognise types of difficult conversation and why some are hard to deal with
  • Structure, prepare and conduct a difficult conversation
  • Use advanced questioning and listening skills
  • Demonstrate skills and techniques for managing difficult meetings
  • Keep everyone safe

Download my Difficult Conversation Planner for free.

Find out more. Contact me at mikejames@gomediate.co.uk or 07933 294 292

Negotiation and Persuasion

Gomediate’s half-day course “Persuasion & Negotiation” will give you the skills and the confidence to start a negotiation and to persuade people towards your point of view. The training covers:

  • Persuade colleagues and customers
  • Negotiate with service users
  • Build Win/Win outcomes
  • Develop Skills & Qualities needed to persuade and negotiate
  • Understand your own Persuasion Style
  • Learn Persuasive Techniques
  • Discover Negotiation Tips and Tricks
  • Positional Bargaining vs Principled Negotiation

Find out more. Contact me at mikejames@gomediate.co.uk or 07933 294 292