• Restorative Justice Training

Good training, bad training and training that’s, well, just plain ugly! I once attended a half-day workshop on Time Management and the instructor was fifteen minutes late. At first I thought it was part of the training, but no. I’m enjoying some free online courses at the moment as I’m sure many of you are. And it’s mostly quite good. I’ve had some great training experiences over the years and some pretty lousy ones too. Some of the workshops I’ve attended at business expos have been masterclasses in how not to do it. I’ve also been very lucky in receiving training from trainers who are engaging, entertaining and passionate about their subjects. I think we’ve all had trainers who just read PowerPoint slides at us. I hope you have also had trainers who knew how to perform and made you want to be there. My worst training experience was in Stockton last year. It was a three-day Employability course. We were crammed into a room that was too small, we weren’t offered any refreshments (not even water), we didn’t have a break for three hours and we weren’t told what the fire evacuation procedure was until after lunch. What does really good training look like to you? What makes bad training bad? And what’s the ugliest training experience you have ever had?

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